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HOMESTEAD OF DILUTION, Publication, 2017, softcover, 132 pages, 133 x 206 mm., designed by Bardhi Haliti and published by Onomatopee.

The publication Homestead of Dilution is aimed to broaden the scope of what dilution could mean today, viewed through various historical, artistic, sociological and philosophical lenses. Could the historical concept of dilution–the idea of bringing together healthy and mentally ill people to overcome the formation of a polarised and hierarchical society–be deployed as a contemporary artistic principle and be rediscovered as a means to achieve peaceful cohabitation? Does it have the potential to bridge and unify radical forms of otherness as part of an artistic process, or perhaps life in general? The publication includes documentation of art works featured in the exhibition, essay and interview contributions by John Foot, Ilaria Gianni, Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Marieke van Rooy, Aaron Schuster, and Esther Vossen.

This publication was made possible with support from Het Vijfde Seizoen/Altrecht GGZ, Mondriaan Fund, MAGAZZINO, Nomas Foundation.