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Domenico Mangano (Palermo, 1976) & Marieke van Rooy (Weert, NL, 1974) live and work in Amsterdam. The duo was formed in 2014 after Domenico Mangano’s individual artistic career, which started in the late nineties. Marieke van Rooy has an academic background in political history of the built environment.

Our work is characterised by a combination of research and artistic practice. The narrative approach is central to our projects. Micro stories, anthropology, political and architectural constructions of the social and research of the history of the local, forms the basis of our art. We combine archival research, participation and educational projects in our process and transform these into works of art consisting of film, spatial installations, photos, drawings, performances and publications. We prefer to work on long-term projects, in order to create works that highlight a broad theme in different ways.


Magazzino d'Arte Moderna, via dei prefetti 17 - 00186 Rome, Italy